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About Us.

Hi! My name is Aadya Ahuja (she/her) and I founded Aces in 2022. I'm the sole employee in this company, and do everything, from content creation, website making, marketing, social media management, to therapy sessions with clients. 


I started Aces with in an attempt to start conversations around mental health. Slowly, we evolved as a private practice, and here we are.

I help clients deal with issues like anxiety, depression, stress, relationship and work issues by building self and emotional awareness, recognising unhelpful patterns, and using this information to reach their highest potential. I'm in no way an expert on your life. I'm an expert in the subject of Psychology and mental health, and use that information to support you in your healing journey.


At Aces, my focus is to help clients build the best version of themselves, by themselves. My home-ground is Emotion Focused and Client Centred Work, but I also use elements of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy in my work. I'm a trauma informed and inclusive practitioner. I recognise the effect of one's socio-political environment on their mental health, and always use that context to guide my work.


In my free time, I can be found eating cheesecake or playing with puppies.

Can't wait to see where this journey takes you and I!


+91 8826676379



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