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  1. My name is Aadya Ahuja. I'm a Counseling Psychologist, and I have a Bachelors in Psychology, an MA in Clinical Psychology and a Diploma in Psychological First Aid.

  2. Sessions are held over Google Meets, and they will last 50 minutes. They are expected to begin promptly, and end at the scheduled time. 

  3. Payments are made in advance. We can discuss how you would like to make the payments. I usually accept them through PayPal or Google Pay. Please check with me about sliding scale slots as I do offer those depending on availability. 

  4. Although it is understood that there may be instances when you arrive late for a session, late arrival will not extend the scheduled ending time for the session. If you're unable to join a session within the first 20 minutes, it will be considered a no-show. I will make sure that I’m always on time, and will offer appropriate remedy if late, such as making the time up or prorating the fee.

  5. If in case you need to cancel a session, I would appreciate a heads up at least a day in advance, as each slot is individually blocked. If you're not able to inform me 24 hours before our session time of any cancellation or rescheduling, the session would be counted as payable. No-shows will also incur a full fee.

  6. Although I will try my best not to, at some point it could be possible that I might have to cancel a session due to unforeseeable circumstances, and I will be sure to let you know of that.

  7. Confidentiality is paramount and I can assure you that all conversations are confidential and I don't keep any written records. Digital notes will not have any identifying information, and will only be accessible to me.

  8. I seek supervision where I might need to discuss cases sometimes, to provide the best care for you. No identifying details are revealed in these discussions.

  9. Before we begin our work, I'll share a form of consent with you. Only once the form is signed can we begin our sessions.

  10. Please note that I'm unable to provide emergency services. For any emergencies, please dial 112 or 911 or refer to

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